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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Roll Over Jude-toven!

Well he finally did it. We all knew it was coming and it happened today. (At least that I saw. I suppose it could have happened at the sitter's, but she hasn't said anything and I'm not asking. I'd like to think I was there for the first moment.)

Anyway, regardless, he did it. He was laying on his play blanket and Michael and I were both on the floor beside him. He was doing his head butt thing that he does to scoot himself around to his different toys. Every now and then he would rock side to side. Then he did it, ever so slowly, he went from tummy to back.

Naturally, Michael and I exploded in to baby talk praises about what a big boy he was. He just laid there with this content little grin enjoying all the attention.

I turned my camera on and flipped him back over to see if he would do it again, but no such luck. He just got frustrated. When I flipped him back over, he spit up, so I guess he had an upset tummy.

My camera died right after that, so alas, no proof. But I promise he did it!


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