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Friday, November 27, 2009

Jude's 1st Thanksgiving- Highlights

Some highlights from Thanksgiving Day with my parents:

Jude is fascinated by his Uncle Joel. This was the first time Joel was able to see Jude. He's been in Annapolis at school since June. This is the first time he's had leave to come home. Jude thinks Joel is awesome because Joel blew on his hair.

My dad insisted Michael sit on this chair in this exact spot in the living room in order to best appreciate the speakers and the old record he was playing. It's nice they both can share this love of old 70s music and vinyl together every holiday.

Jude began practicing taking a bottle since I go back to work December 14th. Megan, his amazing aunt, got to give him his first one. He took it like a champ. Even fell asleep in the middle of it at least 10 times just like he does for his mommy.

Then Aunt Megan took Jude to his favorite chair to rock away.

He wuvs her and he wuvs rocking!

It put him right to sleep....

Then sleeping Jude met Blake who spent Thanksgiving with our family.

Sadie met her new cousin, Jack. Finally, there is a dog inside that likes to play as much as Sadie. He even likes to play her favorite game, tug of war.

Jude with Mr. Blake.

Jude sleeping on Aunt Jamie.

Jude sleeping with Pops. Do you notice a pattern here?

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!
In order from the left--
* My mom and dad with their two labs, Toby and Maggie.
* Joel and Jamie with their new puppy, Jack.
* Michael, Jude, and I with our puppy, Sadie.
* Megan and Blake with Kyah.

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

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