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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

3 weeks!

Our little Jude Dylan is growing and changing daily is seems. Maybe by the minute. He's three weeks old now, and as you can see, FULL of facial expressions. These are the most fun! Michael and I seriously spend so much time clicking away with the camera hoping to catch the perfect shots of his ever changing facial expressions. Most of the them we don't quite catch on time, but every now and then we get lucky. I guess maybe we should start videoing these so we can just watch his face change over and over. Jude's really one of the most expressive babies I've seen. Granted, I know he is probably not expressing any real emotions yet. Still, it makes him fun to interact with.

The past few days, Jude has returned to his eating every 2 hours schedule. I got excited for a couple days because he started going 3-4 hours at night. That was short lived. He still has a couple 3-4 hours stretches during the day. Unfortunately though, these are during the DAY! If anyone knows how to help your newborn save the long stretches for the night, I would gladly welcome the advice. The good news is he's eating a lot and really seems to be growing a lot, so as unfortunate as it is for me, it must be good for him. Yet another shining example of parents sacrificing for the good of the children.

He's starting to outgrow his newborn clothes. Kinda sad. There were some cute outfits I didn't get to enjoy him in that much :( Regardless though, it's very comforting to know he's growing just like he should be, especially since I'm breastfeeding and you just never know how much they are getting. He must be getting enough so praise God.

Anyway, Michael and I are really enjoying spending time with Jude together. It's amazing how when you become parents you can become completely entertained by staring in to this little face and saying goofy things. We used to have very interesting Friday nights and now we are content to go to Blockbuster and talk to Jude.

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Martha said...

adooooorable!! hope momma and daddy are hanging in there :)