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Monday, October 12, 2009

oh the pain...

We all know it's impossible to predict the timing of labor. However, here's what I do know. I am in pain literally anytime I walk. I think this started Friday, but it just gets worse. I feel like Jude and his 7+ lbs are just baring down on my pelvis as hard as possible. I walk around trying to hold my bump up just to try to alleviate some of this feeling. I am walking so much slower as of yesterday. I mean really slow. I could not keep up with Michael in home depot. I kept begging him to slow down. This is not a conversation we normally have. Normally, our walking speeds are compatible. Not anymore. I am assuming that this is part of the lightening of the baby drop, but I'm not exactly sure. Jude's foot hasn't left my rib cage-still- to give me that ability to feel less crowded. I do look lower though. And he feels lower. I don't know how close to having him we really are just because he has dropped so much more. I'm getting nervous though because reality is starting to set in. I keep reminding myself that God made women for this and my body can handle it. That usually calms me down a bit. What I am not sure I can handle is walking around the school with my kiddos. That will be miserable. Thank goodness today is a staff development day.

Anyway, we have 11 days to go. Give or take. Stay tuned because it could be any time now.

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