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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Going Home Outfit

Michael and I enjoyed a pretty hot date last night. Both of us were still sick yesterday, so we spent most of the day in bed. Come evening though, we were ready for a bit of adventure. I insisted on a taco cabana date night. It was hot, as taco cabana dates always are! I don't know what it is, but that 2 taco combo just always gets me.

After dinner, we went to Target and then to Babies R Us to find the 'going home outfit'. It was pretty exciting just because this was the first time Michael and I actually really went shopping for Jude together. We've bought things here and there, but never something super sentimental like the going home outfit. At first, Michael did not understand the importance of commemorating the occasion with a new outfit. I'm not sure he completely sees it now, but I do know that we both had fun getting to pick out an outfit together for our baby boy. It's fun watching Michael get excited about some of this stuff. Most of the time he's just a guy about it. (Remember, an earlier post mentioned Michael asking why he wasn't just coming home in a onesie. That was a real quote.)

Anyway, we had a hard time finding something because so many boy clothes have baseball or football themes. Michael likes soccer, but not really any other sports. He wishes we were from the UK. Anyway, Michael actually picked out the above outfit which made me happy. I like knowing the daddy picked it out I guess. Anyway I thought it was adorable. Very much a baby outfit but with the muted colors so it's not too overdone. And I think trains are super cute. Michael loved loved trains when he was a little boy, which is why he was probably drawn to this in the first place. I just love it. We've been having cool weather which hopefully lasts through his birth. The thing about Texas is you just never know. It can go from 80 to 30 here in a matter of hours. Picking out a weather appropriate outfit for an October baby is kind of like playing the lottery. Please pray that Jude comes home on a cool/cold day like we've been having. Otherwise he will be burning up in these little sweat pants. Oh well. Regardless, Michael and I think his little outfit is very cute and we can't wait to bring him home in it!!!

Less that 2 weeks left now!

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