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Saturday, October 3, 2009

37 weeks

Congratulations are due to Michael, Jude, and I because we have officially reached full term status! That means Jude can come at any time and he will be perfectly ready to function in this world. What a wonderful feeling! This will sound totally moronic, but he's a legit baby now. Based on our last sonogram, he is probably about 6 lbs 10 oz at this point, assuming he's gaining an ounce a day. He's getting pretty big! By this time next week, he will likely have hit the 7 lb mark. Length wise, he should be about 19 inches which approximately the length of swiss chard which our lovely picture portrays.

Michael and I are really getting ready for the big day now. We officially have the car seat, so we are free to take him home with us. I also have the basic essentials of bath wash, lotion, diapers, wipes, etc. Someday soon, I want us to go on a 'date' to find that first coming home outfit. This will be the first outfit we will be buying him together, and I'm really excited about it. Of course, when I mentioned this to Michael he said "An outfit? Can't we just bring him home in a white onesie?" Hah, great idea hun.

As the mom, I am hanging in there. Feet are huge and I'm generally miserable, but I'm still kicking it. I have parent conferences this week, so I'm just trying to make it through that. I'm spending all Tuesday working on sub plans. I figure come this Friday I should be comfortable with whenever Jude decides to come. I'll be 38 weeks at that point. That being said, I would just like to point out that they doctor still does not anticipate him coming until I'm 40 weeks. Truth be told I hope she's right, although I am getting really miserable and there just really isn't any more room for him to grow. He's taken up all available real estate.

On a funnier note, I had a school shower on Thursday with my Lee family. They had all this little toy decorations on the cake which they gave me and are now sitting on my desk. Friday morning my kids were fascinated by these. I explained to them that they were from my baby shower cake. One of my boys said, "You had your baby last night?!" I asked him if he thought I looked like I'd had the baby yet. Obviously he said no. What a bunch of nuts....

I also had a couple little girls whispering about me during my morning duty time. One little girl was going on about how she feels so bad for me. The other little girl didn't get it and asked why. The first little girl was like "she is going to be in soooo much pain!" Don't know how she knew childbirth was painful already....

That's all for now. Check back often- you never know when we'll PoP!!!

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