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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Sixteen Months

Jude Dylan turned 16 months on the 19th, but I have had no time to blog about it.  Or maybe I was just finally hoping I could convince him to take some good pics.  Catching this moving target is becoming more and more impossible these days.

He's learning new words like crazy I feel like.  He says "look, see" all the time which sounds like 'oo sees'.  He's learned bottle and repeats words I say pretty often.  I think he understands most of what I say because he follows my instructions easily without accompanying gestures.

Lately, his new trick is to shut himself in the kitchen cabinet.  Completely.  I don't think he is one who will be afraid of the dark, because he can tolerate playing in there and talking to his toys for several minutes before he comes out.

Our best trick lately is that he is actually sleeping all night and even his naps in his crib.  I got him in a bad habit of letting him sleep in bed with me when Michael and I seperated.  At the time, I couldn't emotionally handle much and was just too tired to deal with walking to his room for middle of the night feedings.  I sort of tried to work him back during the summer, but then teething happened.  Well somehow, after enough times of getting clocked in the jaw by a sleeping toddler, I just put him in there and decided I couldn't handle it anymore.  I think he maybe cried one night, but overall it was a pretty easy process.  He still wakes up in the middle of the night a couple times, but I just rock him for a minute or two and he's fine.  And hopefully that will get better over time.

Overall, he's doing good.  Still happy and silly and sometimes entirely too energetic for me.

And in case you forgot what Jude looked like a year ago, here's a 4 month pic from the archives.

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