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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sitting on the Dock

I introduced Jude to Otis Redding this evening.  Does that count as a milestone?  It wasn't intentional, really.  He was just a wild man, literally running from one end of the house to the other.  To be honest, I think some of it was he was enjoying comparing the sound of his bare feet on tile and the sound of them on carpet.

When Jude gets wound up, he loves drumming and music.  For most of his life, I've just sang to him, usually reworking old songs to new ones about Jude.  Such as 'Honey Pie' which became 'Wild Jude Pie'.

I decided tonight, though, that maybe Jude was ready for 'real' music.  I put on the 60s revolution channel through our cable, and Otis Redding 'sitting on the dock of the bay' was the first song that came up.  So Jude and I danced around to that, and 'Help', and 'Turn Turn Turn'.

For me, there is one thing that has always stood out in the whole 'I can't wait until I have kids and I can....' fantasy- singing and dancing to classic music, preferably on vinyl.  This has always been my dream moment.  I have all these daydreams of myself over the years doing just that with my future children.

I have lots of awesome memories with my dad, but most of my earliest involve him, me, headphones, and Bob Seager's Old Time Rock n Roll or Aerosmith's  Walk This Way.  I have pictures of me not much older than Jude being danced around our old living room with the headphones on.  Or even better, no headphones and music so loud the walls shook.  Those are some of my favorite memories.

I'm certainly my daddy's girl, and I've looked forward to the day I could make my own memories like that.  So here's to me and Jude and Otis Redding and the Beatles and The Clash and Dropkick Murphy and all my other favorites that Jude will get introduced to.

Long live Rock 'n' Roll

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Kelli said...

...Just take those old records off the shelf ...

Can't top the classics. Nice to hear Jude has good taste. Love ya girl!!