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Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowfabulous February

So Tuesday we got like 2 inches of straight ice with maybe an inch of snow coating it.  The ice is what has caused us to be out of school for 4 days now.  This morning we awoke (at 7am) to at least 2 inches of snow that had fallen overnight.  It has not stopped snowing since then, and it is now 10am.  Right now actually the snow is falling quite heavily.

Due to the fact that I have a toddler with loads of energy to kill, I decided to take Jude outside.  He only lasted for 5 minutes maybe.  It was like 20 degrees.  He is currently wearing socks, footie pajamas, jeans, a sweater, a jacket, a scarf, and my gloves.

This is a scene out of A Christmas Story.  Literally.  Jude is so top heavy with that huge coat on.  He fell over and began whining because he couldn't move.  So much like Ralphie...

Is it just me, or would these pictures be so much cuter if I could crop the ridiculous, oversized gloves out of them.  Poor Jude.

"Hmm, need to ponder this..." - Jude

"Hey, you there" - Jude

I am fascinated by pictures of snow covered roofs against the snowy, cloudy sky.  This one is cool to me because you can't even see where the roof and the sky meets.

This is my attempt at showing how deep the snow is.  Underneath our footprints is a solid layer of ice.  You could hear it cracking as we walked across.  Doubt we get out of the house anytime soon.  I have some better pictures of this I will post later.


Kelli said...

We need to get that poor little boy some mittens ! I keep looking but no luck ! Glad he got to go out for a little while today ! love ya mom

Casee said...

I found some mittens at Academy several weeks ago... they are 2T so they are a tad big, but I figure in an emergency, they'd keep his hands warm. I can't tell you how many pictures I have of Jax that would be perfect if not for the "oversized gloves" ... but, such is life with a toddler! love these blogs!!

Ashley and Jude said...

Thanks Casee- if this ice ever melts and I get to leave this house, I will definitely be checking out our Academy! We are supposed to get more snow Wednesday!