"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Thankful for evaporation, rainboots, quiet time...

Here's my weekly recap of things I loved/thought/felt:

Something that made me laugh:

      Me:  Micah, you need to be writing.
      Micah:  I can't wait.  I have evaporation on my mind!
      Me:  Uhhh I guess write about evaporation then friend.  (we have been learning about the water cycle.  obviously these lessons are more intriguing than I realized :))

Something I enjoyed:

I got to wear my rainboots two days in a row.  They are from the old Liberty of London for Target line.  I am still so thankful I snagged them up.  I think they are quite loverly.  Speaking of which, I have been so in the mood for watching My Fair Lady, but who has 3 hours for that.

Something I am looking forward to:

I spent Valentines Day (afternoon) with my mini Valentine.  My parents got him the old 90s movie Beethoven, the one about the St. Bernard.  It's really weird how I have an obsession with him seeing movies from then.  For some reason, in my mind at least, things just seemed more innocent.  Now- not even remotely.  I'm excited to reminisce over this with our weekly 'pirate campout' which means laying on blankets and watching movies tonight.

Something I learned:

Jude loves to build bridges and train tracks and such.  But they don't always go over or stay up in all the ways he concocts in his head, so he will get frustrated.  I usually tell him to take a deep breath.  Today he told me "It's ok, Jesus loves me even when I'm mad."  How did he learn so much about grace while still so young?  It has taken me 28+ years to realize God loves me when I'm broken.  And sometimes I still wonder if I believe it in the moment.

Something I accomplished:

I have started spending an extra 20+ minutes in the afternoon just reflecting both on my day, how I sought God's face during the day, and what the power of the resurrection should look like in my life.  I blogged recently about how I was inspired to do this by the practice of Lent.  I've really enjoyed it so far.  I'm reading through John, but it's just really lovely to take this deep breathe with the Lord in the afternoon.  I feel so much more able to handle my evening with peace.  This is something I really struggle with a single momma.  Dealing with 18 kiddos and then coming home to my own kiddo by myself is exhausting.  Those 20 minutes of refueling are perspective changing!


Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love your rain-boots!!! I wanted to buy them when they were in target a couple years ago (?) so very cute!

DaisyGirl said...

Hi there! I found my way via Megan and so glad I did! I'll be back ;) Your boots are so cute! They are definitely a perk to rainy days! We had 3 in a row and I was thinking I needed to find me a pair of cute boots too! Glad you have found that special time in the afternoon. My quiet time ends up right before bed and even tho I'm half asleep, my tomorrow is always easier to get thru compared to those following days where I fell asleep before getting to God's Word. Sounds terrible doesn't it?!?

Luisa Rodriguez said...

It's really awesome that i've been bumping into so many Christian bloggers lately. Isn't it great that Christian people can interact so easily? I love it!

I love raiboots, but here in Madrid it never, ever rains!

Regine Karpel said...

Great boots, and even better thoughts!

Leigh said...

what a beautiful post. You have a sweet soulful child very smart.

I love My Fair Lady too! and I agree I like my kids to watch movies and tv shows from when I was a kid things seemed much more innocent back then.

Love the boots :)