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Friday, February 8, 2013

Fab Friday/Thankful Thursday

This week was actually a tough week.  You know those "I'm clearly speaking a different language because my class is ignoring me" kind of thing.  Good times.  I am hoping! next week is different!  So for me looking back on things that are God-sent, well that alone will be God-sent!

This week I am thankful for this little guy.  Who made this little picture.  With his little feet.  And I told him he was my Valentine.  And he replied "aww shucks".  And I died of cute :)

This week I enjoyed finishing reading "Surprised by Joy" by CS Lewis.  The last 2 chapters were amazing.  I really related to his descriptions of himself in a lot of ways, which is probably weird.  He talked about how he hated to be interfered with.  As in he was basically a loner.  One of my biggest struggles as a mom is that 'I hate to be interfered with'.  I really like A LOT of alone time.  Of just silence.  And it's hard to get that as a mom.  God has taught me a lot about my own selfishness through this struggle.  That actually has little to do with the book- side note connection :)

This week I learned that my kids will read quieter and for longer and more focused periods of time if I keep the classroom lights off.  They have been begging me to let them do this the past few weeks, and I relented today.  I mean I have never seen such 'voracious reading'.  I think all my kids were on task the entire time.  You could have heard a pin drop.  And after our very frustrating week, well it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.  This will become part of our daily routine I can promise you that.  Side note- I need to add more lamps to my class ;)

This week I accomplished the below art journal.  It was actually made in a moment of pretty strong anxiety because Jude was with his father for a night.  Out of respect, I won't go into the details of that.  But it does drive me to my knees in prayer, which I suppose is a good thing :)

I am looking forward to Chandler's message this weekend on Nehemiah.  And spending time with Jude and my boyfriend who was out of town all week and will be out of town all next week.  And just generally a low key weekend.  Last weekend, I really did a lot and was out late.  This week I just want to chill.  And sometimes that is just as awesome.

How was your week?
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Cherri said...

My week has been a continuation of last week where it's been a struggle to control what the Bible calls "vain imaginings" in that if I'm not careful I can be convinced that the whole world is out after my sanity! And I definately identify with your alone-need. And like you I can't have it b/c Steph needs me and right now Zane is in a stage of frustration himself. I am not blessed to be your age, and this stuff wears me out QUICKLY! But as I read in "Jesus Calling" I must stay centered on Christ and He will handle all the stuff for me! Thanks for asking how my week was! lol In the future when you're in high anxiety, shoot me a text for prayer, details not necessary. I love to pray for you!