"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Musings

You know how so much in life happens and it makes you laugh or stop and think or just any number of things and you move on with your life.  Well I want to start writing those down more.  So I am starting a Monday collection of things I'm glad to remember.

Read for Monday morning- stripes

1.  During the superbowl, Jimmy and I were reminiscing about 90s pop.  Neither of us were into pop by the time Destiny's Child came out, so I couldn't really appreciate Beyonc√©.  No offense world.  Not my thing.  However, we both had distinct and fond memories of the early 90s pop.  Aka Mariah Cary and Boys2Men.  We had our own superbowl concert consisting of singing along to Fantasy and On Bended Knee.  It was basically one of the most amazing moments of my life.

2.  Jude does 2 things all the time.  He sings his little bible songs and he constructs things.  Lately, he asks me to sing along to a particular song with him at bedtime before I leave the room. I wish I could capture his face and bottle up the sweet 3 yr old goodness that is he and I singing together while cuddled in his bed.

3.  I went a whole week with actually cleaning up dishes and things behind me.  I haven't managed to stay on top of toys quite like I wanted, but I have done so much preventative cleaning this week, and I am so proud of myself.  This has happened in life- never.

4.  This is what 6 am looked like at my house on Saturday.  I have no idea what possessed him to wake up this early, but hey, we rolled with it.  And by rolled with it, I mean drank lots of coffee.  And also, finished our grocery shopping for the week by 11am.  Because we got there at like 9:30am.  And promptly hit up Starbucks for more coffee- and apple juice for the kiddo.

5.  This is what Sunday looked like at my house.  Me plus Reading equals Bliss.  I also did other 'me' things.  One of my New Years Resolutions was to really commit to not working on Sundays.  So far, so good.  And y'all it is soul nourishing.  I mean really.  My soul literally rests, and it is so peaceful, so good.  Such a good decision.  I cannot recommend it enough.

6.  Today was a good day with my kids, which after last week, was such a relief.  I mean most of them had really good days.  And we accomplished what we needed to.  All that.  Every season I hang decor from the ceiling because quite frankly it just makes me happy.  The kids love it too.  There is just something about cheery decor that makes it more tolerable to be in the same room for nearly 8 hours straight.  In the fall, I hang yellow, orange, and red leaves.  In the winter, I change it to snowflakes.  Now that it's *almost* spring I am changing it to raindrops, shamrocks, and flowers.  So fun.

I have changed some things around on my blog.  If you look under my header picture, you will see 2 new tabs.  One is an about me page.  The other is called sweetly linking.  I pretty much link up with the same blogs on a weekly basis.  You can click that tab to see the two blogs I'm linking up with today :)

How's your week starting off?

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katebradley said...

I "borrowed" your coolness and added 2 new pages to my blog. I've been wanting to update mine to give it a more aesthetic look so I figured that was a good first step. I really want a fun banner at the top but I need adobe or at least power point to create an image and my computer is simple and has neither. Have a good week!