"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, February 24, 2013

70s boho weekend

Jude and I have a tradition we do every Friday called "Pirate Campout".  This basically just means that we throw some blankets on the ground and watch TV.  This weekend though, we went all out.  We took all our kitchen chairs, several sheets, and made a true, glorious pirate tent.  Jude actually spent the night in the tent.  Super fun.  I think my favorite part may have been his motivation to clean up his toys ;) but in all seriousness, there is just something about tents that is magical.  I remember as a kid being quite convinced I had been transported to another time, place, and world when I stepped into a tent.  What is it about chairs and sheets that makes the child feel so alive?  It's amazing and completely #1000gifts.

Jude has woken up the past weekends ridiculously early the past few weekends.  I'm talking 5:45 or 6:00 early.  Miserably early.  The only positive is that I have an excuse for extra coffee.  And my grocery shopping is done early, as mentioned last week.  Saturday though, we went and got kolaches and donuts before our excursion.  Jude was excited and gave it a peace sign.  Or as one of my friends said, a double barrel guns up!!!  Both are awesome :)

I know there will come a day when you readers will get sick of the fact that all my dates are involving church.  But it is so much easier to go on Saturday night.  So, so be it.  I just really love worshipping with Jimmy.  And I love going to church.  We were kind of in the mood for a low key weekend I guess.  I didn't feel like going overboard.  And he requested my boho hat, which was perfect because it gave me an excuse to be comfy And make him happy.  Winning!

We rented Moonrise Kingdom after church and watched it once I got Jude in bed.  I swear I heard lots of people talking about how great that movie was.  All I can say is I'm not hipster enough for that shiz.  I like the funny indie movies.  Like a lot.  We rented Safety Not Guaranteed not too long ago.  I thought that was funny and enjoyable.  It was pretty weird.  But this movie?  This movie was beyond weird and I spent most of the time with my jaw dropped in a huhhhh kind of way.  It's one of those hipster movies that I think hipsters make to assure themselves that they are in fact elite and the rest of the world can't understand them and they are so beyond normal society.  No offense.  I didn't like it though.  Maybe someone can enlighten me?

Sunday I got to hang out with my sister.  We ate Mexican, watched a chick flick, laughed, and gossiped.  It was pretty snazzy.  Also some grading was thrown in there.  Life of a teacher.  Anyway, how was your weekend?

Outfit deets:
hat: gift, Target
sweater: TJ Maxx
Tshirt: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: American Eagle, thrifted
Shoes: can't remember, but same from last weekend

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DaisyGirl said...

I remember that magic of sheets and chairs!!! I wish fun was still that simple as an adult :) You are so cute. Love your style there. Right up my little alley! Hope you have a great week!

Leigh said...

love your outfit :) sounds like a lovely weekend and tents are so much fun!

Shannon @Imperfectly Perfect Grace said...

Jude is so beautiful...in a handsome sort of way :) He's very special, you can tell right away!