"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Saturday, September 10, 2011


This is Veda, Jude's birthday present.  Actually probably more like Christmas present.  Veda showed up at my future sister in laws house in pretty sad shape.  Jamie, being the animal whisperer she is, nursed Veda back to health.  Since she was lucky, she originally named her Vegas.

I hadn't even considered getting a dog yet.  But then Kyah (below) moved in.  Her beauty captured Jude's heart in a way that can only be compared to trains, which have similarly captivated him.  After one week with Kyah, the first thing he said when saw our street was "oooo Kyah".  I began to realize that a dog would be necessary when Megan moved out next August.

A few weekends later, my mom was up talking about how much she loved 'Vegas' and wished she could keep her.  My mom is not like this about many dogs.  I was intrigued.  This dog is perfect for us basically.  She was the runt, so she is going to be small.  But she's a lab so she's 'a real dog'.  She loves to lay at your feet, but also loves to play.  She was already house broken.  Bonus: Jamie is going to train her for me and my parents will let her stay at their house until Kyah moves out.  Win win win.

And once I met her, she stole my heart.  But the name Vegas had to go because I will be danged if I'm giving my male child a dog named Vegas.  So she became Veda.  And I think she is adorable.

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