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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Tales from the 2

This hasn't stopped making me laugh to myself-

I have a student who talks incessantly.  I actually have several, but this one is more extreme you could say.  When I actually have it together and remember, I let her talk to me a couple minutes about whatever  after dismissal.  The other day she talked about her new toenail polish.  She was out with strep Monday and Tuesday, so this was her first day back at school.

Student: Yea my babysitter painted my nails.  Do you like them?

Me:  Love them!  They look fantastic.  I love purple.

Student:  Yea, I love purple too.  It's my favorite color.

Me:  I thought pink was your favorite color?

Student:  Well, I've changed a lot since I got sick.

Me:  (Bahahahahhahahaha in my head) So you're like a new person now?  Is the new 'student' going to talk less when I'm teaching?

It.  Was.  Funny.  I love overly smart kids because they sometimes say things that sound so 'adultish' like changing who they are but are still so 'kiddish' because the change occurred over nail polish and a favorite color.

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