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Friday, September 23, 2011

An Update? Say What?

I know I haven't done one of these updates in months, but I am just so amazed lately by the things Jude is doing.  So enjoy this bulleted list of Fun Facts.

* Jude likes to say 'hug' now.  Which is his request for you to hug him.
* He is really into dinosaurs (dyesoar).  I dug some figurines out from an old teaching unit I used to do.  He went on and on and on about them.  And then roared several times.
* I quit counting the words he knew at the end of July because he got too 100.  I suppose I should have started monitoring the 2-3 word sentences he knows, but even those he knows so many of, I literally cannot keep track.  He's very verbal.
* He knows all his animal sounds.  My favorite is listening to him say meow.
* He knows many of his body parts.
* He knows many of the color names, but the his favorites are orange and blue.  Especially orange.  He points it out everywhere we go.  I'm thinking of bringing that color in for his big boy room because of this.
* He counts to about 5.  He's actually been counting for awhile...
* He loves music.  Still.
* He loves trains.  Still.
* I love rocking him to sleep.  He makes the sweetest faces.  And he has such full lips, it's fun to watch him perse them together while he falls asleep.
* He's also becoming defiant and has been saying no a lot.  Two is gonna be fun.
* I've started reading Harry Potter to him at night.  Destined for nerdiness greatness right here.
* And along the same lines of nerdiness greatness, we had to go to the Dr this week bc I was afraid he had caught my strep (he hadn't).  Anyway, he weighs 25.4 lbs.  He's so awesomely skinny.  I love how he is like turning out to be the quintessential hipster kid.  Music. Tall. Skinny. Awesome.  Seriously.  I'm so proud!

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Cindy Chamberlain said...

Can you record him talking so we can all hear him meow, ask for a hug, and count? He is so adorable!