"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thankfulness. And Grace

The past few weeks I feel like I've been learning a whole lot about grace and who God is and just all this stuff.  I've learned to have grace for myself because I'm having a hard time waking up in the morning, so sometimes I don't have time for the 3 chapters of the Bible I like to read.  I've been filled with this acceptance of the reality of mornings- without feeling guilty or what not.  Although I love having my time, I worry a lot that if I don't then I will be a terrible person.  Slightly true, but dwelling on that takes away from the fact that the Spirit is with me whether I read a couple chapters or a couple verses.  And that God has grace for rough mornings.

On the other hand, I feel like the mornings that I do have the time to pour into the Word, the things I'm learning are so rich and amazing.  I don't mean for this to sound in any way condescending, but the Bible is just sooo good.  I can't imagine not reading it often.  I know I've said it before, but really, you should read it :)

Anyway, without further delay, here are some things I'm thankful for:

* creativity and relaxation.  for some reason this week, I've been super tired.  but jude has also made laying around easy.  in fact in some ways, he's embraced it.  the above picture is of him with the bed he made himself in his toy chest.  fun fact- that is my toy chest from when i was a little girl.  my dad actually made it for me.  and i used to make beds in there too :)

* this week we had rock star day at school-- "rock the staar" or something like that, which is our state standardized test.  i got to wear my new bob dylan t shirt from target.  i think i mentioned it a couple days ago when i was showing off my marley t.  anyway its about the most comfortable t shirt imaginable.

* this kid- seriously.  motherhood is a beautiful thing.  i am so blessed to have this boy in my life.  today he started saying 'awesome' all the time.  i don't say that word very often, so i guess he picked it up from school.  he loves to make up stories, especially scary ones.  he's such a creative, lively thing.  and i just enjoy him.

My 1000 gifts list....

802.  Family in town
803.  Fresh baked cookies
804.  Jude hiding so he can surprise me when I come in
805.  Jude relaxing with blankets and watching tv
806.  Family dinner with plenty of laughs
807.  The hands and face of a sleeping toddler
808.  Good talks with my mom over coffee
809.  Buying Easter clothes and necessities
810.  Girls night concerts full of laughs
811.  Family breakfast
812.  A whole day of relaxing on the couch
813.  Rich time in the Word and being reminded that God gives good gifts to His children and even suffering is a gift and is grace  
814.  Lenten reflections from a coworker
815.  A great working, listening morning with my class- and on a Monday at that
816.  Students excited to share their learning with me
817.  The way my job allows me to give the kids the opportunity to form healthy attachments with me
818.  The excitement of morning coffee when I wake up
819.  Rock staar days at school
820.  A little girl who got to spend the day at her aunt's in Dallas!  and go to Old Navy!  and buy clothes!  and her house has stairs!  - She was so excited and it reminded me what it was like to look through the least of these- where even stairs are considered a luxury.
821.  Laughing with Jude and a just the two of us Easter day
822.  Zoo day with friends
823.  Friends who adopt and inspire me
824.  Being done with all I need to do for a job situation
825.  Cold spring mornings
826.  Raindrops on thistle leaves
827.  Children running through wet mulch, smiling
828.  Cold, damp air- just the right snuggling temperature
829.  Bright green leaves against the grey sky
830.  The way Madison and Victoria have come so far in their reading
831.  How proud Tai was about her reading a book by herself
832.  Making my bf laugh


Susannah said...

Praise the Lord that He doesn't judge us for whether or not we spend time in the Word! We should strive to bask in His Word but shouldn't feel guilty when life gets in the way. If we're rushing through it, we don't get things out of it. That's great that you're understanding this. :-)

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

girl. this is beautiful. being in the Word is so rich and encouraging but He does still fill us with grace even when we don't make time for Him. His mercies are new every morning!!

love this.

Jessah @ Dreaming of Dimples said...

What a great post and list. It is so important to remember all that we have to be grateful for.

Jane George said...

i love your post, i found you via the book linup and i brought the book this week inspired by other's words. I finished chapter 4 tis morning and it's awesome isn't it! I haven't posted anything yet but i'm sure i will! now following as great to find you here in blog world....thankful for new blogs found (you are 1 for my list!) xxx