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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I got my Paxton dude!!

Yesterday, Jude and I went to ride the train in Grapevine.  Every year they turn the train in to a Thomas the Train.  There are lots of other events.  We took a special momma boy date to go take a ride.  It was a lovely spring day- great for a walk down Main Street and to the train station.

We hung out with some friends of mine who live down from Main Street beforehand.  I don't see them enough, but they are the loveliest family.  And some of the angels in disguise God sent me in the midst of divorce.

We got to the station in enough time to get our tickets and get in line to board the train without being at the end of the line.  Perfect timing.  Jude was mesmerized by the whole thing.  He didn't have much to say, but he contentedly stared out the window.  It was mostly a really pretty ride through the Texas prairies.  I don't know if it's because of my obsession with Little House on the Prairie as a kid or that we spent 7 weeks teaching about the prairie in second grade, but I feel so alive when I see prairie grasses blowing in the spring.  So lovely.

After the ride, we tried to do some of the other things they had for the kids.  There are tons of events, but Jude was too tired.  Most resulted in tears.  So we got a Salty the train tattoo, bought a new train named Paxton, and called it a day.

This morning right after Jude woke up he told.  "I got my Paxton.  I got my Paxton dude!"  So all in all it was a great day!

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