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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Denton Arts & Jazz Fest

This weekend was Denton's Arts & Jazz Fest.  It's an awesome event, and definitely one of my favorite things about the city.  Every April the city hosts this free event.  Literally free.  No cover.  (The food however is definitely NOT free...)

So many people come out for it every year with their chairs and their blankets to just enjoy music together.  Most of the groups have a jazz focus.  I can't say I know much about jazz or listen to it regularly, but I can appreciate pretty much any type of music.

Festivals of this kind are harder with a baby, less so with a 2 year old.  I planned ahead which parts I wanted to go to.  Jude and I went to see the Inner City All Stars- which has always been my favorite act.  They've been there every time I've gone, and this has been like 2005.  (which makes me feel sooo old).  They remind me of New Orleans.  They're style of Jazz is more that street style you find there that gets the crowd involved and makes you actually want to dance.  Groove might be the better word.

Jude and I watched that show together.  Jude did plenty of dancing and entertaining the ladies behind us.  We ate our picnic dinner I packed.  Rather, I ate it.  Jude played.  A friend of mind came and hung out with me as their set ended, so I got to have some quality adult conversation.

Then we watched some of Chris Watson.  We didn't stay but for a couple of songs because it was after 8, etc, etc.  However, I wished my dad had been with me for that show, because it was heavily southern rock influenced.  Sounds of my childhood :)  Jude loved them.  He turned all the cups into his drums and pounded away.  Definitely more of a rock child I guess.  He loves his drums and guitars.

Overall, it was just a great time.  The Jazz Fest is one of those things that just makes me feel alive.  You're surrounded by so many people just there to appreciate good music.  So many different types of people.  And you just sit and enjoy life.  There's nothing better than that in my opinion.

If you are in Denton and you don't go sit and enjoy a show at the Jazz Fest, you are really missing out.  Denton is one of the best small towns in the world in my opinion, and this Festival is one of the many reasons.  They are still having shows today.  Go if you can.


Pauly D said...

Yo that event was dope! Those bands brought it fresh yo! Check me out next year spinning the ones and twos! JTL! Jazz tan and laundry! Holla at your boy!

Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Festivals are hard when you have a baby with you, thats true!I had my little cousin with me in a musical festival and he made my life terribly difficult..ah!
Its good that you had so much fun and that you spend time together :)