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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Small Town Texas and Cowboy Church

This weekend Jude was with his dad, so Jimmy and I made the most of it.  We actually ended up doing all of this stuff spur of the moment, which I never get to do now that I'm a mom.  There's so much vitality infused into something when you get to be spontaneous.  Even simple things, like spending a night in Aubrey, Texas.

For those that don't know, I currently live in the tiny town of Crossroads, population 900.  Which is outside Aubrey.  Which is outside Denton.  Which is outside Dallas.  This above picture shows Aubrey's main street.  There's not much to it, other than Mom's On Main.  

Otherwise known as Lucy's on the Square, which made Texas Monthly's best cafe's list.  If you like Southern food, you would like Mom's.  They serve Fried Green Tomatoes, which no one I've ever gone with is into.  I keep meaning to go take myself so I can get some, but never remember.  I may need to take Jude on a date before summer is up!  I love fried green tomatoes!  and fried pickles... and fried catfish- which is what I actually got.

Jimmy and I ate here, and got to celebrate their 1,000 likes on fb, which they gave out free cupcakes for.  I love small town, old building kind of places.  And I love Mom's!  Small town treasures like this are all sorts of 1000 gifts for me.  I am a small town girl at heart.

As we left the restaurant, we were surprised to hear some good ole live fiddlin' going on.  Lo and behold across the street from mom's (next to the rail road tracks and the grain elevator) was a stage set up with the country band, Blacktop Gypsy.  They were actually really good.  I have some vids of them on my instagram (thistleashd) if you want to check them out.  The fiddle player was amazing.  I don't always like country music, but when I do it's because there is either a good fiddle player or a good mandolin player.

Jimmy is a good ole Texas boy, so he loves any true country music.  (This means that most groups out of Nashville do not make the cut.  Hallelujah.)  We plopped ourselves down in the grass and enjoyed the music for the next couple hours.  Amazingly, there was also a cool breeze.  Dear Lord have mercy I can no longer count the gifts God has blessed us with regarding the weather in Texas this summer.  It's been gorgeous.

There were also small town refreshments ;)

We played around with the camera a lot.  Took pictures of each other.  But mostly just enjoyed small town Texas life.  It warms my heart to no end to be a part of a crowd that involves at least 50% worn in cowboy boots.  Or to look up near the stage and see an old cowboy, with a full on gray beard, two stepping with his lady.  I'd love to hear their stories and how they kept the romance alive long enough to be dancing through life at 65.  Definitely my prayer for Jimmy and I.


Last night we decided to visit a 'Cowboy Church' because we needed to go to church early in the morning in order for Jimmy to head out of town for work this afternoon.  For you non-Texans, this is a church where most of the members are cowboys/ranchers/farmers/rodeo involved/etc.  Most of them are in Texas, although they are randomly in other states too.  There are at least 5 I know of near me.  We decided to go to the one in Krum, Texas because I had heard about that one.  

Bad picture, but you get the idea.  I got several compliments on this dress by the way. #thrifted  Also, I love my boots.  They actually have a hippie looking flower pattern all over the sides.  I think that pretty much describes me.  I'm not much of a cowgirl really, but I love small towns.  And I love land.

What the church building looks like.  What the church is next too.  Very pretty!

Jimmy and I got lost trying to get here.  Definitely off the beaten track.  We called his MawMaw on our way, because she grew up in Krum :) Jimmy probably had cousins in church he didn't know about.  We only were able to hear two songs, which made me sad because I was hoping for some good ole southern gospel like I grew up on.  We did get to hear them sing Precious Memories though.  Technically, this song doesn't refer to Jesus, but hey, I have precious memories of my grandma singing to Jesus.  Also, they had a mandolin player on stage.  I have managed to randomly hear both my favorite country instruments live within 24 hours.  #forthewin

If you have a cowboy church near you, it's definitely a fun way to change it up on a Sunday.  Jimmy and I are kind of theology junkies, so it wouldn't be somewhere I could go all the time.  I need my expository teaching of the Bible, and for that I will always be thankful for Denton Bible.  However, sometimes you just need some of that 'Old Time Religion' and you southern gospel folks know what I'm talking about when I say that.  It was fun, and I definitely see us popping in to cowboy churches every now and then in the future :)


Amy said...

I am getting homesick and hungry at the same time. Spent a lot of summers in small Texas towns with grandparents when I was younger. Thanks for the memories, always good!

ThistleAshD said...

awww that's so fun! I love my memories of summers with my Grandma almost more than anything. Did you grow up in Texas or just visit? Where do you live now?

Anonymous said...

this post made me smile because I few years ago I visited a cowboy church in Colorado while visiting friends and did not know what to expect. It was a great service and so different than what I am used to. Very interesting seeing the cowboys and ranchers in this setting. Visiting from Misc. Monday. So glad I found your blog!

MArie Angelique

ThistleAshD said...

It was definitely interesting to see them. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for stopping by :)