"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

 Using stickers to make a Pirate Lookout.  Ahoy!

 Gardening and playing in mud puddles

 Playing catch inside because of so much rain.  At least his arm is improving :)

Every southern woman plants crape myrtles...  This one has been shooting up mighty fine.

Why are these two so daggum perfect?

This summer has been so weird for North Texas.  Typically July is spent in sweltering heat of 110*.  That doesn't even include the heat index.  And rain?  Well North Texans typically don't remember what rain is until about October.  But God has blessed us mightily this summer with a low 90s summer and an amazing blessing of rain.  Lord knows we still need more to get our lakes and rivers back up, but He is Providing.  Hallelujah!

Incidentally, you may notice my blog changing.  There for awhile, I considered growing my blog, and I kinda did start to.  And then I realized something- I hate blogging for that.  Don't get me wrong there are a handful of people I am beyond blessed to be 'friends' with now.  I love those people.  But the incessant need to keep up with this link up and that link up and make sure I comment on X number of blogs so said blogger and I can continue to build a 'friendship' got to be overwhelming.  With a few exceptions, I just began to wonder why am I concerned more about online stuff than people I know in real life.  Silly.  

So now I blog when I want.  And I write what I want.  And if there happens to be a link up I already know about, I might do it.  But if not, no big deal.  I say that because if I am not really keeping up with sharing my button with you or yours with me, it's nothing personal.  I just don't feel the need to blog all the time.  Or if I don't comment as much as I once did, it's because I want to focus on real life.  I appreciate all of you who have kept up with me.  I'm still going to be blogging, and if you follow me, you will see it.  But if you don't, thats ok too.  I'm excited for all you who have found your niche with blogging.  It's been pretty wild to see some of you grow so fast!  And that's awesome.  I just wanted those of you to know that I am still reading, but not as closely as before.  Or at least not commenting as much.  But in my heart I do adore you all :)  May God use your blog in amazing ways!


Aanie said...

Amen sister. I feel you.. It is so easy to get drawn in and feel like we need to be 'keeping up' in the blogging world. It's one of the reasons I started 'Little Haven'.. I needed a place to write. For just me. With no rules. No expectations. (And thank you, by the way, for following..Absolutely means the world to me that you are interested in my life outside 'The Active Mum'). I love your blog so I will definitely still be following whenever you do get the time to update xx

Susannah said...

I'm glad you're blogging the way you want. Blogging shouldn't be stressful or a chore. :-)

Emmett Katherine said...

i share your philosophy on blogging. I love it, you get to "meet" new people, learn about new things and it's fun but the thing is it can be very time consuming. I try and comment when I can, and blog when I feel like it. I find all the blogging advice out there can take the fun out of blogging so I don't follow it :)