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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

A little late, I know.  But we've actually had a rough few days.  This week's Thankful Thursday is almost an act of obedience, as opposed to an overflow.  Know what I mean?

1.  I am thankful that Jude is alive and that I've been given 3+ years with him.  He will forever and always be one of my greatest gifts, next to salvation.  My atonement child.  The one person who more than any other proved to me the depth and breadth of Christ's love for me, while I was yet a sinner.  This week I have been overcome with the brutal reality of death of children.  I don't know why I was blessed with 3 years, but each one is truly a gift.

2.  I am thankful that I found out Jude had the flu within 24 hrs and that I was able to get him on tamiflu so quickly.  I am praying praying praying that he recovers quickly with this.  And that I manage to skate by without catching it.  Next year, I will actually force myself to get a flu shot.

3.  I'm thankful for Duck Dynasty.  Yes I said that.  It cheers me up, and honestly, it's pretty clean television.  They use words like "crap" and they end every show with a family dinner and blessing.  It's hard to find entertaining tv that acknowledges God in general.  Also, it's stinkin hilarious.

4.  I am thankful for all my friends at work, with whom I share a whole variety of laughs.  I am thankful for a friend I was able to laugh hysterically with for 5 minutes upon discovering a mutual love of Duck Dynasty.  I am thankful for my co leader who walks through each moment of teaching with me.  I am thankful for my team members who are also my friends.  And I am thankful that so many of us want to come together to pray and encourage each other, even if finding coordinating schedules may be difficult.

5.  I am thankful that the Christmas Season.  The excitement of thinking about just what it means to have "God with us" and among us.  I can't imagine my life without Christ's presence.  So thankful the veil has been torn and I get to worship him fully.

6.  I am thankful for the inspiration of Christian biographies.  I've been Faithful Women and Their Extraordinary God by Noel Piper this week.  I can hardly put it down.  It's so exciting to read these thoughts of Christian women and how they gave up their lives to put their family or the gospel first.  I pray my own life is truly useful for the gospel. 

7.  I am thankful for one of the funniest students alive who I get the priviledge to teach.  The other day I had a student get into a small fight, so he got sent to the office.  He was kinda worried about going home.  "Coco" (her actual nickname) tells him "Psh its ok.  Alls you gotta do is wear double underwears.  I do that.  Just make sure you fake cry.  My momma gets MAD if I don't cry!"  And with that laugh I leave you...

Loved and Lovely

The Fontenot Four


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