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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Miracles in disguise of the flu

I have so much to be thankful for this week, and I honestly feel it to be somewhat miraculous.  Thursday morning I awoke nauseous but after struggling with anxiety so recently, I figured it was mostly that.  Around the time my kids were in special areas (9:00) I started feeling really achy.  Considering Jude had the flu last week, I was pretty sure what was happening.  I continued on, then talked to our school nurse at lunch time.  She told me that it sounded about right, and dismissed me for the day.  I had every intention of getting tamiflu asap.

I called my doctor.  No one answered, so I left a message explaining how Jude had tested positive for flu b 5 days ago and could I please get a tamiflu prescription called in.  I went home.  Fell asleep.  And awoke realizing the dr had never called me back.

So I called the local ER I had taken Jude where he was diagnosed.  The doctor on duty at the time said to just call someone to call in the prescription for tamiflu if I got it, because there was no need to test me.  Called them.  Different dr on duty.  They thought I was crazy for even requesting a prescription be called in.

Next, I picked up Jude from his sitter and debated on what to do next.  Should I try to drag him (who was still tired and cranky from being at his school all day) to the minute clinic or go tomorrow after I dropped him off.  Finally decided to go that night.  Got to CVS.  They were not accepting more patients.  Frustrated.

Came home.  Was laying on the couch, feeling generally achy and miserable, when I got a text.  From Walgreens.  Saying my prescription was ready.  I mean I literally didn't even know what to do.  Was this a mistake?  Did they refill a presciption for me on accident?  Should I hope against hope it was my tamiflu?  I called them and all they were able to tell me was that my dr had called it in that afternoon.

Talk about 1000 gifts.  I guess they just failed to call me back, but there was my prescription waiting for me.  Didn't have to pay for a doctors visit.  Didn't have to sit with Jude in a waiting room.  Didn't have to wake up the next morning to drag myself to a waiting room.

Instead I got to start tamiflu within 12 hours of getting the flu!  I got to spend all of Friday sleeping off, which honestly was the best.  And here I am Saturday night feeling pretty run down, but I haven't run fever since Thursday.

The amount of love I feel just in the way God everyday provides in the little things is astounding.  Really.  What are the chances of this happening?  God knew what I needed.  He knew my doctor was calling it in.  And he sovereignly allowed the ER doctor to not work out and cvs to not work out, because he already had me taken care of :)

Loved and Lovely

The Fontenot Four


Sarah {the fontenot four} said...

God's timing is pretty amazing, isn't it?? I hope everyone is feeling better!

ThistleAshD said...

It really is! We are on the upside, thank goodness :)