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Friday, March 23, 2012

High on thrifting

This is my first High On Thrifting Thursday (although I thrifted on Friday, whatevs).  It was definitely a HOTT experience though.  Since I am on spring break, and since I decided to come to Houston to visit my mom, and since I knew she would be sweet enough to keep up with Jude, I knew this was the perfect time to visit my personal thrifting Mecca- Value Village.

This place is on no major highways.  It is found in no commonly visited neighborhood or suburb.  In fact it is on the edge of the not so awesome part of town in Houston.  Which is exactly why it rocks.  I find the most dirt cheap vintage items here.  To date, nothing tops the vintage 1950s Jackie O styled coat that I got for $8.  Today proved to be just as thriftastic.

The outside of this fantastic establishment.  Please note the tagline- Your affordable department store.

This was in the 'oldies' section.  I'm guessing it's a 70s era shirt? 

Scarf- because I am always looking for more things to tie my hair back with.  Mantra of the short funky hair wearer.

Check out this skirt- It was bought with the purpose of a Cinco de Mayo outfit.  When you teach at a school that some 75% of the kids or more speak Spanish, Cinco de Mayo is no small deal.  (and anyway, who WOULDN'T want to celebrate that holiday).  I am planning on pairing it with a white peasant top for the day.

Oldies section again.  Less than a dollar!

Belt.  I couldn't get the picture to come out right.  It's leather with leather flowers.  Very boho.  80 cents

Think this is a scarf?  But it has a cool Indian/Henna like pattern

Oldies vintage section again- $2.  It's ridiculous how cheap their vintage things are.

And last but not least, another vintage item. 

All in all I spent $16.24.  Um yea, it basically rocked.



Forever21 said...

You have won a $700 gift card to Forever 21! please list 5 facts about lizards to claim your prize!

Ashley and Jude said...

1- Lizards are better than Beets

2- Lizards are better than Battlestar Gallactica

3- Lizards are stronger than Bears

4- Never trap a lizard in a garbage bag. You might get rabies

5- Lizards wear glasses, skinny jeans, and own apple computers