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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This weekend

Please don't die that I am actually blogging.  I realize this is like the 5th blog post in the year 2012, and that is beyond pathetic.  What is it about single mom/teacher that makes blogging impossible?  time!  We actually have been up to a lot.  I have loads of picture I would love to get around to editing and sharing (like christmas pics!  or last weekend at the children's museum).  I make 0 promises about getting around to that, and I'm sorry.

This weekend things have slowed down.  This is mainly due to the fact that Jude came down with fever/croup Thursday night.  For the most part, he is not complaining.  Sleeping can be difficult, but it's managable.  The biggest thing it's affected is his apetite.  I am desperately trying to get him to eat or drink anything, but he's really not interested.  He mostly is just laying around watching tv.  If you know Jude, you know this is telling because this kid doesn't stop.

It has given me a chance to just have time.  Oh that coveted precious lover, time.  I had to take Friday off, so it's given me a 'three day weekend'.  I've been able to get all caught up with my grades which are due tomorrow for progress reports.  I have spent hours cuddling with Jude.  I actually watched a movie (shut the front door- that never happens!).  I've read some Voices of the Martyrs articles.  I've read my Bible.  I've read my book, Millenials.  (Oh why yes, I am a nerd who reads sociology books in my spare time.)  It's been kinda nice.

See the first pick?  That cat is the cutest, fattest, fluffiest cat I've ever seen.  Jude is IN LOVE with that cat.  But alas, his love is unrequited.  You can see Jude in the pic trying to follow him.  Yet, the cat walks away despite Jude's adorable pleas for the cat to come back.  Oh if only Cat knew how deep Jude's love was for him.  It's unfortunate for Jude that I am deathly allergic to cats, because he is in love with them.  One of his favorite activities is to pretend to be a kitty.  Adorable.

Picture below:  it's been a rainy, chilly weekend in North Texas.  I've loved every second of it.  The sounds of rain on the windows, the grayness making you want to cuddle, the refreshing cleanness of the after rain smell.  I don't think I could photograph more perfection if I tried.

Thank you Jesus for the perfect weekend, minus the whole Jude being sick thing.  Hope your weekend was lovely.

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