"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Friday, January 27, 2012

Teachers- We Inspire

I wore my hair like this Monday, as well as today.  Apparently, I inspired one of my students to kick it hippie style.  Can I just get a shout out for how awesome kids are and how awesome teaching is?

Also, today I had my observation.  Some comments that were made include, "Excuse me teacher, by there is something wrong with my tummy.  It feels very alone."  And then when we were using thermometers to study the temperature of ice, a student hollers out "Are those filled with blood?"

I just looked at my assistant principal and smiled.  I wanted to say welcome to my world, because this is the most unusual group of students ever. 

In other news, at the beginning of the year, I had only 7 kids on grade level for reading.  I had 12 below level.  I officially now have only 6 below level and 12 on level!!!!  I am celebrating!!!


katebradley said...

Way to go on your reading levels! That is awesome! You are a WONDERFUL teacher!

Ashley and Jude said...

well thanks, but I'm pretty sure that credit goes to God. If it weren't for him 1) I wouldn't have the patience to teach and 2) I would be constantly overwhelmed. Not really me at all

Socrates said...

One time me and my friend Euthyphro were walking to the mall to get new scrolls and he was like "hey remember when we discussed piety"? And I was like ya I totes dominated that argument! He got mad and didn't buy my scrolls. Anyway, as a teacher it reminded me that I have a huge impact on my pupils. Case in point, have you seen how many people have been wearing toga like garments? Ya that was all me. And not even the hipster ones that you buy and they donate some random money to kids, I'm talkin the straight up roman ones. Anyway, Euthyphro is blowing up my messenger so I've got to see what he wants. Read my book sometime. K, bye.