"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steppin Out

Friday I stepped out to a murder mystery dinner with some friends.  I didn't really go to solve any crime or gather any clues, although ironically, I did solve it.  I just went because it was a stinkin good excuse to dress up like anything I wanted.

Last Friday at school, we had 80s day, which was all together awesome.  My principal kept joking about how me as an 80s girl looks surprisingly not too unlike my everyday outfit.  I can't help that I rock the legwarmers on a regular basis :)  I try not to discriminate against any decade during the week.  You only live once- why look like everyone else.

Anyway, this murder mystery was a good excuse to dress up 80s again.  Although this time I channeled more of the Joan Jett side with my jacket.  I think my favorite part was that I named myself "Jesse's Girl".  Because, obviously, how can you not sing along to that song.

On me: jacket, go gos shirt, skirt- Target.  legwarmers, H&M.  lace gloves/headband- shirt thrifted and cut up.  rosary- canton flea market.  shoes- thrifted.


katebradley said...

You look so beautiful in a perfect 80's way! And I'm so stinking jealous that you got to go to the murder mystery dinner... I'm guessing it was the one at DBC since they had one the same night. We really wanted to go. Maybe next year... Enjoy the sweet valentines party with your class this week! Even when they're a little nutty it's fun to get 20 valentines from kids that love you.

Ashley and Jude said...

It was with DBC- I would have loved to have seen you there!

I will try to enjoy the nuttiness that will be this week. I have a really great class this year, so it should be fun!