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Saturday, December 24, 2011


Here is a little photo/update on Jude as of late.  Have I mentioned before that I love 2 year olds?  I seriously do.  He's so much more fun nowadays.  Plus, its lovely to be able to verbally communicate with him.  It's usually pretty funny too!

Here is Jude talking on the phone perhaps?  Can't remember.  Sometimes he just is adorable and rests his hand against his face.

Jude has started saying 'cheese' for the camera when he sees me trying to take pictures of him.  This is pretty cute.  I'm not sure when I taught him to say that.  He seems to pick up everything these days, even if it happens 1 time.  The problem is that he doesn't say cheese in a way that creates a smile.  I get this goofy teethy look.

At least its still cute :)

Jude is too cool.  Somethings he is into saying these days:

* ice berries, ice juice, ice fruit- if it is made of fruit, it will have ice in front of it
* surprise!
* love you too mom :)
* woo hoo!
* my belly screen (belly)
* singing twinkle twinkle little star, spider in the rain, bubble song from yo gabba gabba
* A couple days ago we went to look at some Christmas trains.  When I told Jude about it, he says "Wow! That-Is-Great!"  And then when I reminded him we needed to get ready to go see the trains he said, "ok! sweet!"

He's a lot of fun.  I think I could stop time right here and keep him 2 years old forever.  Think I'll get that for Christmas?

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