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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The son, the son! Tradition!

 As a little girl, one of my favorite holiday memories was making cookies with my mom.  My absolute favorite part of it was eating the dough, which had a delightful nutmeg flavor.  To this day I am still obsessed with using nutmeg, especially in pancakes.  Yum!

I had wanted to try to start this similar type tradition with Jude using gingerbread cookies.  (Incidently if anyone has a really good gingerbread recipe, please give it to me!  Every year I try a new one and am sadly disappointed...)  Anyway, Jude ended up with pink eye that day so I cut out and baked all the cookies by myself.  Maybe next year we can bake together....

Then I figured well, I can set aside some cookies for him to decorate.  He will just have to eat those cookies and make sure no one else does.  When I was a kid and was more patient and a perfectionist, I put insane amounts of effort into the decorating process.  And I do mean process.  I definitely didn't expect Jude to be as detailed....

He didn't even attempt it.  I stuck him up here with a few cookies.  He definitely went to town on them.  But not decorating them.  He just went to town eating them.  Toddlers :)

In fact, my neat freak child DID NOT LIKE the icing.  He tried to clean it off and greatly lamented getting his hands dirty.

This was all me.  And it was the closest we got to cookie decorating traditions this year.  Next year perhaps?

PS. I don't think I can say the word tradition without wanting to break out in song.  Thank you Fiddler on the Roof.

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