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Sunday, December 18, 2011

O Christmas Tree

Our 2011 Christmas Tree:  I seriously love Christmas trees.  And all of the cozy traditions that come with Christmas.  I love winter and the chill of it all.  Which is why my Christmas tree will be up at least until the end of January.  For years, I mourned the day we took the tree down.  As I got my own tree I adopted the New Orleans don't take anything down until Janurary 6th tradition.  But in the last couple years, I realized to heck with it.  I'm an adult and can make my own decisions.  If I want to leave my tree up alllllll winter long, who can stop me.  No one!  I mean does it even make sense that we celebrate Christmas at the beginning of winter?  Why didn't the genius who picked December 25th pick a day in the dreariest part of winter when we really need something to be excited about.  Then we wouldn't feel so rushed between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, we would have all winter to savor the magic, and light be shining even when the days were cold and dark.  Seriously, if I ran the world....  But I do run my house- and this tree you see will be up through January.

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katebradley said...

There have been lots of years since I got my own tree that I leave it up through January. I think of it as a "winter tree" after Christmas that reminds me of all of the love and hope of Christmas after the celebrations are over. I agree that its nice to see the tree lights on a dreary winter day. Unfortunately our tree will probably be put away earlier this year because our living room is super crowded with baby stuff. But I hope you leave yours up a long time!