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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Jude

Jude has also learned to walk around the house as a ghost.  He uses these Aiden and Anais blankets all the time which are super thin- and awesome for hot natured babies like Jude.  Anyway, I'm guessing they are thin enough to see clearly through because he walks around the house like this with no problem.  He likes to follow me around and listen to me say, "Where's Jude".  He laughs as I call for him and act like I can't figure out where in the world he has happened to.  It's a fun little game right now.

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westbrooks said...

Colby did this same thing at this age! Apparantly they are pretty transparent! They also make great peek a boo blankets as well! 2 1/2 years later Colby still carries those blankies around!