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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Jude did the coolest thing the other day in the tub.  I was (as usual) trying to get him to sit down in the tub, and started counting (also as usual).  As soon as I said, 'onnnnneeee', he said ttwwooooo in the same tone and dragging style I do when counting.  It was beyond awesome.

I tried this several times while he was in there to make sure it was not a fluke.  And he did it over and over. Of course did he do it when I called people to have him do it.  Of course not.  He just stared at the phone and me like I had two heads.

But it was really exciting to realize he knows that two comes after one.

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westbrooks said...

They love two for some reason that was the first number Colby said too...now he can count to 20 but for some reason goes one, two, three, seven, eight, haha...