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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Did It

So I finally broke down and got Jude's hair cut.  I know there are thousands upon thousands of people who are now both shocked and thrilled and maybe scared.  I really just haven't had time to do it with working.  So with spring break this past week, it worked for me to get it done.  And let's be honest here, even I felt bad for him when he strained to see through his bangs.  It was time.

I didn't take him anywhere special to get it cut.  And really I just got it trimmed.  In all, it was probably an inch, which was enough to maintain his sweet shag, but still see.  (His stylish said he had Justin Beiber hair.... bahahahahah)  Anyway, his hair is still adorably long.  He still has all his cute curls.  He can still rock with the best of them.  But he can see.

Here's his finished look as well as the adorable certificate they gave him.  Love it!  And can you please look at how much they cut off and how long his hair still is.  Mmmk thanks.

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lettyrivas said...

So cute!! Especially loved the card what a cute gift for his first haircut...wish I had gotten something like that for Alex's. Our experience with the first cut was messy...the hair dresser thought giving him a sucker would keep him occupied and happy, which it did, but then to there was slobber and hair pieces all over the place....pretty yucky as you can image, but still love the memory.