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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bc sometimes he wears me out

These pictures basically show you what today has been like.  The top one shows how Jude climbed and put himself in to his high chair.  The bottom shows his attempt at dragging the trash can across the kitchen and trying to get it into his cabinet.

There has been lots of climbing today.  And whining when told no.  It's been fun.

Toddlerhood is kind of a bipolar experience.  On the one hand, its kind of funny to watch all these antics go down.  They do crazy stuff, say crazy stuff (when you can understand it).  However, it's also maddening.  Literally, there are times when I think I'm going to lay on the floor and cry too.  He wants everything he shouldn't have.  Everything he can rip.  Everything he can destroy.  Everything he could potentially hurt himself with.  And he does not like it when he gets told no.

Oh for the love of all things, thank goodness for nap and bedtime.  Is it just me or do the antics and craziness get worse right before nap/bed?  Because when it gets craziest I find myself thinking, 'thank goodness he will be in bed soon'.

Anyway, it's so much fun to be home with him, and I really, really do love the little rascal.  But oh my geezums, it's exhausting.

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casee said...

Oh my! I guess I need to be thankful that Jax isn't super big into climbing!!! He does love to free fall onto/from the sofa... Yeah, that's a fun one. I do look forward to the day that he can verbalized his feelings/wants more. Even though his conversations he has with me are pretty funny. This is definitely an interesting stage!