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Friday, August 2, 2013

Naptime Diaries and Saving My Sanity

Jude is currently in an awkward nap phase.  Technically speaking, he doesn't particularly need to nap.  Because Jude was graciously given with a 100% positive attitude, I kid you not, he does not have temper tantrums.  I'm serious.  He's probably had 5 in his entire life, atleast since turning 2.  So naps are not needed to 'check' his attitude.

Part of that is because I have my college degree arsenal of child guidance knowledge I guess.  More of it has to do with 6 years of dealing with insane emotional issues in title 1 schools.  Most of it has to do with my limited tolerance for crap.  But honestly, I really believe God was gracious with me.  I truly believe that He knew that my entire world was going to fall apart upon Jude being born and He gifted me with the easiest child known to man in order to allow me to work out my emotional issues after heartbreak.

That being said:  My child be wild.  His attitude may be awesome.  But his energy level is non stop through the roof from 7:30 to 8:30, with no nap.  I have heard people say oh my child is active.  And then I meet said child.  Jude always blows them out of the water with his energy level.  Jude has been noticeably active since he was at least 6 mos.  Just has crazy amounts of energy.  So while I am blessed in many ways, sometimes I feel like I make up for it because his noise level and activity level plum wear me out.

Enter my nap time conundrum.  Technically Jude doesn't 'need' a nap per se.  And when he takes a nap, left to his own, he will sleep about 3 hours!  And then of course he won't fall asleep until around 10:30.  Thankfully, because he is literally the most obedient child, he will just sit on his bed and sing/talk/read/play with his animals.  He may test the waters once and try to sneak out, but that's about it.  But regardless, he stays up late because he just isn't tired due to his nap.

I have been trying to give him his nap, but then going in and waking him up after about 1.5 to 2 hours.  That's been working decently well.  He doesn't fall asleep right away, but he is at least asleep by 9 or 9:30.  Which is about as ideal as I can get all things considered.  Hopefully, he can keep up the controlled naps with his sitter as I go back to school.  That combined with waking up and getting out the door early again should make it possible for him to go to sleep at night easily.

Here's the thing though.  I can't handle him NOT napping.  I need 'my' time.  Whether it is to catch up on 'Bachelorette' which I am shamelessly addicted to- even though this season is blah.  Or to clean or work on a project or read.  I am just not built to handle his energy level the entire day without a break.  The days I let him skip his nap, I am always so irritable starting around 3:00.  I would give anything for some peace and quiet.  And it's not his fault, but he can't calm himself down.  And I get snappy.  I hate thinking that my attitude would cause him to feel 'annoying' which he has to sense that.  And how sad!  Whereas if he naps, even for a little bit, it seems to calm his body down.  Maybe it's good for his body to have those calm hours as well.  Or maybe it's just that I get the couple hours of peace my brain needs to be refreshed and ready to keep up with him again.  Because on those days his enthusiasm mostly warms my heart and I respond with love.

Regardless, it's always tricky as your baby drops naps.  And then again as your baby becomes a toddler and does the drop down to one nap.  I suppose it only makes sense that determining when your child no longer needs a nap is equally as tricky.  But for now, for the sake of a peaceful and loving mother/son relationship, I think we are going to keep nap/quiet time in place for just a wee bit longer.


Diana said...

LOVE these pictures!! And also love your perspective :-)

ThistleAshD said...


Jen B said...

Oh man, when PFB gets to that age I don't know what I am going to do! Yes, I need some me time too. (Although she doesn't nap nearly as long...) And I am sure her energy level is no where near Jude's. The quiet time hour will take effect in our house at that point.

ThistleAshD said...

You know, I posted this, and my dad's cousin said they had quiet time hour all through elementary school. So I took that as if sweet mamma's in the 50s/60s had quiet time hour, it means it's a tried and true practice. Quiet time hour is officially on our schedule for a loooonnnnggg time in the future ;)