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Saturday, October 22, 2011

2 years old

 Jude Dylan turned 2 on Wednesday.  Yes, it happened.  I have no idea how, because I swear he was just 4 months last week.  Sigh.... It happens so fast.

His newest things are saying 'i sahie' for everything.  I don't know what made him think he needs to apologize for everything under the sun, but at least he's polite :)  He also says 'i'm ok anytime he slightly bumps himself.  It's pretty cute.  I got him to watch Cars yesterday, which was thrilling.  I will be so happy to move to movies that have a plot that lasts longer than 6 minutes.  The saddest thing is that he hasn't wanted to be rocked since the night before he turned two.  He just crawls in his bed on his own; I cover him up; he goes to sleep.  Very sad.

So we have started our two's with new independence.  As Jude's approached 2 he has thrown more and more fits.  I try to just walk away from them, although most of the time it's because he doesn't want to get in his carseat or having to get his diaper changed.  Both of which are triggered by him having to stop whatever he's doing.  He's a really great kid.  I'm not saying that because he's mine, but he just is really easy going.  He rarely gets so upset he throws a fit, and even when he does it lasts 60 seconds at the longest.  I'm hoping this will continue.

I really think God has had a lot of mercy on me with his behavior.  He says thank you and you're welcome (actually he says i welcome, but you get the idea), and I'm sorry so easily.  I never taught him any of these things.  He is always happy and reasonably compliant.  If I give him 5 minute warnings and count down till it's time to go or stop, he always listens.  I really don't have the time he deserves to pour in to his behavior.  Sometimes he is just so sweet and respectful and non 2yr old ish that I can't help but think that it's God raising my child, not me.  Which just goes to show how much we can trust God to provide for us and take care of our needs.  He's been one step ahead of me all along making sure Jude made it this far becoming a kind person.  It makes me feel better about the next 16+ years.

Anyway, we haven't celebrated yet, because I would like to wait until my family is all here.  These pictures are from his actual birthday.  He was my little British train engineer.  Adorbs.

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katebradley said...

I love the train hat with the British shirt. So cute! Happy Birthday Jude!