"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Faith Like a Sequoia Tree

Today I was thinking about how we spread these seeds of the gospel around us as we live and speak.  So very often we don't really see much happening.  If it's someone who God has really laid upon your heart, this can be pretty disheartening at times.  And so as I was thinking about this on my drive to Target surrounded by fields and fields of dead prairie grass, I thought about burning.

Since I've been teaching 2nd grade in Denton, I have had the privilege of teaching about the prairie.  Did you know that the prairie grass is adapted to burn?  As in, it's in the grasses best interest to burn.  A lot of the seeds in prairie plants require being through or near a fire in order to fully germinate and begin growing.  The same is true of many plants in California, including the giant sequoias.

Isn't God amazing?  I love how every single thing in nature has been finely tuned to its environment by His hand.  Romans 1 talks about how nature speaks to who God is.  For the longest time, I just passed this off as nature just simply pointing out that God is there and people need to recognize him.  Now, I think it's so much more than that.  Nature is a constant analogy to salvation and the Christian life in countless ways.

Specifically, today, I was struck by the truth of how sometimes salvation is like a sequoia tree.  As Christians, we may have planted a seed in someone.  We may be watering and watering and watering and getting no where.  But that doesn't mean the seed will never sprout.  Sometimes the seed just needs to go through a fire in order to finally sprout.

My pastor mentioned not too long ago that if you have shared the gospel over and over with someone who isn't responding to just take a breath, be their friend, and love on them.  Because one of these days, the fire is going to come through their life.  Be ready then, because that might be just what that seed needed.  And the most beautiful part is that through something that seems destructive, one of the mightiest trees is born.

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