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Monday, May 23, 2011

Dear Anonymous Commenter

Hey “anonymous” commenter. You guys seem to be pretty paranoid (actually very paranoid) about this dangerous drug caffeine. Of course in high amounts it can harm a toddler, but who would give a toddler large amounts of caffeine on purpose? Jude has a very healthy diet and I watch it closely. Fun fact: caffeine occurs naturally in a lot of stuff you eat daily. Better go clear out your cabinets or the caffeine will get ya! Seriously guys, I appreciate the “groundbreaking” research you Googled, but it’s really not necessary. There are way more dangerous things in this big scary world to worry about. Like smoking, or not having a job.

Oh and straws? Really? Straws?


westbrooks said...

Hey Ashley...so what's up with this? What are they fussing about? Colby has sips of coke/tea we don't ever order those drinks from him but if he gets a sip or two there I figure its not going to hurt. And straws what did they say about that? Sorry that someone is harassing you again!

Ashley and Jude said...

Yea. One guess who.

They commented on my COnfessions blog from Feb and a video of Jude drinking tea in April.


Melissa Lane said...

OMG. Who let Dr. Spock in?!? I don't recall any of your posts asking for parenting advice. Since everyone is an invited reader, can't you trace Captain Anonymous by their comment post time?

Ashley and Jude said...

It was sunday around 4 or 5.

it's not anyone i approved. more like 'someone' who managed to hack in to this.