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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Scoop- wk 27

We are in the last week of our 2nd trimester. Week 27. You would think 9 months would be a really long time, but it feels like this whole pregnancy has flown by! Now we get to the scary part- 3 months and we have to jump right in! Very exciting, but very scary at the same time. The awesome thing about having made it this far is that Jude's lungs can officially function with help. Basically, if something happened and we went in to premature labor, he would be able to survive with help. That's such a huge relief. Luckily though, everything has gone really well so far. The sonograms, heart rates, and my weight gain have been right on target.

By the time you get to week 27, you start to feel like you're "getting to know him". We know that he will punch and kick if you disturb his sleeping. We know he doesn't like the doctors and nurses prodding around my stomach looking for him. We know that without fail, he will wake up when I want to go to sleep. We know when he's up, he's going to play hard and when he wants to sleep, he's out. And we haven't even met him yet. It's amazing how much you can tell just from pregnancy.

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