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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Jude Says...

Me: Jude can I have some bedtime kisses?

Jude: Mmmm someday. (very matter of factly)

He then leaned over and gave me one.  Clearly he doesn't know the meaning of someday, but it was funny.

I apologize for the fact that this little blog space has turned in to very little Jude and a whole lot of my thoughts on life.  I suppose part of that is I am so much more comfortable with putting myself out there for public viewing as opposed to my kiddo.  He's more fun the more he learns to talk.  I feel like his language exploded this past week when we went to West Virginia to visit family.  There were so many elementary/middle school cousins who Jude was completely enthralled with.  He learned so much, including a cat joke, which he has gotten down pretty well.  So cute.  I am trying to get him to cooperate for that one video.  I really want to get better at capturing all these moments because they slip away all too quickly.  Unfortunately, even during the summer I find myself scattered and tired and ending the day looking around wondering what in the world I did all day.

Anyway, Jude is growing up to be a real sweet heart.  I am often amazed at the amount of grace God has given Jude, and really me.  He is so easy.  Tantrums are pretty much nonexistent.  When he tests limits, I just have to say go to time out and he walks himself over there.  Easiest kid ever.  I'm pretty sure I've said this, but I really think God has had a lot of mercy on me and the fact that I'm a single mom.  The discipline thing is just too easy for there to not be a whole lot of divine intervention.  That being said, what I get as grace for difficult behavior, I make up for in sheer insanity.  Jude is one wild kid.  One day I asked him to quiet down for a minute, and he looked at me and said "What? I'm just making noise."  He likes to spell his name for me now.  I've been practicing that with him for who knows how long.  But he just walks about spelling it now.  Pretty exciting- you know, teacher stuff.

Anyway I want to get better about writing the things he's saying down.  Not for anyone.  I just want to remember it.

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