"The thistle is a prickly flower, aye, but how it is sweetly worn."

Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend Thoughts

This week- has been quite a week.  I went to study the prairie with my kiddos.  The good news is there were loads of Indian blankets and butterflies.  It was beautiful.  (I have loads of pics on facebook.  Or you can follow me on instagram at thistleashd.  Or you can follow me on twitter also at thistleashd)  More good news- I managed to only get one chigger bite.  The bad news one of my kids got dehydrated, which was beyond scary.  All the more reason to thank your local firemen who come to rescue of little 8 year olds and freaked out teachers.  Then, that evening I got some disturbing news which just made me further rethink ever dating again.  Why are there so many sketchy guys in the world?  Beyond me.

Tuesday- I realized my facebook account had yet again been hacked by craziest ex girlfriend of my ex husband.  Does anyone have a good explanation for some girl who signs into my facebook account to randomly friend my ex's friends and send them friend requests on my behalf?  I'd love to hear it.  Weird is all I've come up with.  I put my facebook on lockdown.  And used an email that is federally offensive to hack.  Boom shaquita!  I spent some time with some good friends.  Not much to complain about there.  Except that in the end of my night a friend once again went off about his love for me.  It's not as sweet or cute as you might imagine.  It's mainly just frustrating.  And so complicated I can't begin to understand or explain it.  Which made me think I should start dating soon.  Ha- jk.  But it would make it easier for him to keep his thoughts in line I think.

Wednesday- I spent my time dealing with and working through all these emotions.  The stress, the disappointment in people.  It was raw and it was real and it was part of life.  But you know what I love about when my emotions are the most raw- how much I crave God then.  I know people like to complain about how we never crave God when it's good.  I see their point.  But I also love knowing that in the times of disappointment, God never disappoints.  Amazing considering how often I disappoint.

Thursday- I spent time dealing with explaining things to my parents.  Who I are always ready to give me another perspective on my life and the random issues it brings.  Plus, I met a friend at Wine2 and then saw a local production of Fiddler on the Roof!  Winning!  (ps I'm sorry but I love using that word. Thank you Courtney from the Bachelor.)

Friday- Today was field day.  Damani made a rap about it.  He also made a rap about Mother's Day on Thursday.  Someone please tell me where I will find another student who makes up raps for me on a regular basis?!?!?!  Best year ever?  Kind of.  I finished my kids reading levels for the year.  I only have   2 at risk.  3 progressing and 15 on or above level.  Which is definitely higher than last year.  Also, considering some of these came in reading at a K level, progress was definitely made!  Praise God!

Quotes of the week:

* Momma, you a princess?  (based off a dress I wore)

* Let me read you a famous book

And my favorite "I lub you momma"

Things I'm pondering:

* politics- why do I strongly disagree with every candidate?  What is the real call of a Christian in a political world?  How do you best take a stand for Christ while loving the world as you're called to?  Why are so many Christians unable to take a stand where the guidelines are clear?  Why do some Christians turn guidelines into battle grounds when love is also so clear?

* life- what do I really want out of it?  What does God really want me to be doing?  I'm really feeling like I'm getting to the place that I really want to move forward.  I'm finding all my fears ebbing, which can only  be an act of the Holy Spirit.  And so the natural next question is where from here?  This is more just exciting, because I know God has great things in store.  I just don't know what to do next.

* motherhood- why is single motherhood so hard?  I am really struggling to find the right balance between my role for Jude and my role for myself.

* the end of the school year- I will never get it all done.  Good gosh.

* Ecclesiastes- what is the 'time' for my life right now?  I think it's a time to try to find God's path, and time to seek peace, and a time to trust.  As always, anxiety gets the best of me sometimes.

So all in all it's been a time for reflection this week.  I think I'm realizing that I need to walk forward in faith without being afraid to leave some people or things behind.  This is true is so many ways.  It's a time for a new path though.  Only God know where that will lead.

As always, if you read this, I covet your prayers- for my wisdom, for peace, for patience...

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King Arthur said...

Sometimes people do things that are out of character, not because the feelings are untrue, but rather the action sometimes overpowers the thought. Funny how feelings can be so strong as to overpower man. In my many quests, I have seen the most fearsome of knights succumb to their thoughts. My own Lancelot once took 4 bottles of mead from the meadery just on impulse! I still see his true character though, as he has saved me many times. I write this as I travel in the far west, hoping my subjects back home are staying true to their character. But if they may stray, I trust they will always find their way back home to themselves. I wish you many good moons my friend, and may your quests be filled with laughter and wine.